Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience

Denise Meyer has been a top salesperson, investor, and business owner since 1993.  She began her career as a business coach in 2004 and has delivered over 21,000 coaching calls, training's and seminars.She is also a national coach and speaker for Keller Williams Realty International's BOLD 2.0 Program, coaching 1000's of real estate agents to success.  

Can you help me?

I'll start with a question back for you... Are you coachable?  See, the most coachable business people find solutions and a coach is there to help you figure out the solutions the fastest. Ultimately, coaching you to become a great businessperson.  A coach simply helps you get there faster by shining a light on what you don't want to see so you can have what you envision faster. 

Why should I you?

Hire Denise Meyer if you are looking for a straight shooter, get to the point while injecting humor,  sharing personal failures and lots of audience participation.  Her energy and passion for her students always shows through.  People may not always see that they can succeed, and after spending time with Denise, they many times say... "She makes it seem like I can do it too".

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